People in Partnership provides training courses for people with learning disabilities across Birmingham. PIP have provided FREE training to over 3,000 learning disabled people since 2001.

We are currently running the following courses:

Safeguarding Training

People in Partnership provides training courses for learning disabled and vulnerable people across Birmingham. PIP have developed, produced and presented bespoke events since 2001. We are currently funded by The National Lottery – Reaching Communities to provide training as follows:

Stay Safe Join In project logo
Stay Safe – Join In Project

The aim of the FREE training is to enable trainees to:

  • Grow in confidence
  • Speak up for themselves
  • Be more assertive
  • Increase their knowledge of abuse – what is abuse/who abuses/where abuse happens and who to report abuse to
  • Feel safer when at home or out and about
  • Understand the value of good friendships
  • Join in activities
  • and with individual support move on to take up activity opportunities.

We also offer further training programmes covering a wide range of topics, all with the aim of increasing trainees’ confidence and assertiveness in their every-day lives and contributing more fully to society:

  • Assertiveness
  • Citizenship
  • Understanding the Role of The Police
  • Work Preparation
  • Dating Safely
  • Confidence in the Work Place
  • Helping Each Other in Friendships.

The training is designed and developed in partnership with our Service User Groups and professionals to offer total flexibility to meet trainees’ and organisational needs and to provide participants with an experience that is meaningful and enjoyable with outcomes to increase their opportunities in the community and take forward in their lives. Trainees maintain a Work Book and are provided with Hand-Outs of presentations/exercises to review their training experiences. The training is set out using Power Point and easy-read formats to meet trainees’ needs and includes group work, discussion arenas and role play sessions. Trainees’ are awarded a Certificate of Achievement on completion of the course which preferably is of 8 weeks x 2 hour sessions.

We continue to provide training for clients including most recently, Birmingham City Council initiatives, colleges, supported living environments and groups from an array of third sector organisations. 

Who is eligible? 

Courses are open to learning disabled and vulnerable people living in Birmingham.

Training to meet your needs 

We are available to discuss how we can work together to produce events that meet specific training requirements to achieve the best outcomes for your service users and organisational needs.

How to refer  

All referrals by calling us on 0121 440 4685 or email enquiries to Kevin

Training from our Family Team

 ‘When will you be ready?’ (Preventing Unplanned Pregnancy/Relationships/Sexual Health Training) 

This FREE training is for people with a learning disability or difficulty who want to find out more about issues like safe relationships and safe sex. We will also talk about being a parent and what being a parent means. We can answer your questions about relationships, sex and parenting.

Who is eligible? 

Adults with a learning disability or difficulty living in Birmingham.

How to refer 

All referrals by calling 0121 440 4685 and/or email

Other training

We also provide training in the following areas.  If you would like to find out more, please contact Kevin Reilly on 0121 440 4685 or email him at :

  • Assertiveness training
  • Citizenship
  • Confidence in the Workplace
  • Dating safely
  • Keeping Safe when Out and About
  • Preparing for Work
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Relationships